Cleaning after construction

You have just moved in: your apartment or house has undergone some renovation or renovation work. Results : a lot of dust, cardboard and varius packaging. You must move in very soon but you have neither the strength nor the courage to embark on such work. Take possession of the premises in good conditions and to ensure maximum comfort, do not hesitate and call on cleaning professionals to finally move in with peace of mind.


We bring you concrete solutions for cleaning and restoration after construction work or renovation of your home or at the end of a construction site in your business premises whatever the size of your company.



*** Dusting all living rooms and exteriors (terrace, balcony ..)

*** Dusting of sanitary equipment, cleaning, disinfection and polishing of faucets, mirrors and earthenware

*** Furniture cleaning (indoor / outdoor)

*** Cleaning of sanitary and kitchen including appliances

*** Cleaning doors, skirting boards and joinery

*** Cleaning windows, door-windows, bay windows, veranda ..

*** Suction and washing of floors with adapted products

*** Polishing waxed floors

*** Cleaning your carpet or carpet

*** Evacuation of rubble, cardboard and bulky items

*** General disinfection ...