Seasonal cleaning

It is a tradition that allows to "chase the winter away" to celebrate the arrival of sunny days. According to some psychologists, cleaning up at home would also be beneficial for our morale, as this would be a way to clean up the house, organize your minds, sort out your priorities, and forget some of your problems.


Clean the house or the apartment from the cellar to the attic, make room and bring a little organization such is the vocation of the spring cleaning offered by Net and Pro Services that will allow you to put your house in order housing.


To successfully complete a spring cleaning, call Clean4u and our specialists specializing in this type of service.


We clean everything from top to bottom: we can clean everything from floor to ceiling, room by room.


*** Cleaning under furniture,

*** Aeration and opening of windows

*** Preparation all the useful material: bucket, brooms, mops, rags, household products, sponges

*** Removal of spider web

*** Floor, skirting, radiator and switch cleaning

*** Descaling faucets, toilets and bathroom

*** Machine wash curtains

*** Sorting, donating or evacuating unused clothes

*** Deleting unnecessary, outdated or damaged objects

*** Dusting of the furniture in its entirety, including on the top of the furniture

*** Cleaning bulbs and chandeliers

*** Maintenance of mattresses

*** Washing duvets or blankets

*** Window cleaning

*** Storage cabinets and cupboards

*** Storage and reorganization of the kitchen

*** Cleaning the ovens and the hood

*** Defrost and refrigerator cleaning

*** Clearing snow and frost